Welcome To My Binary Options Trading Blog

I’m extremely happy to announce my binary options trading blog. Here at Binary Ascend we are always looking out for you, our clients.

Now, we want to find new ways to reach out to you, and help you not only with using our software, but adding to your trading arsenal.

Our Product

The Binary Ascend software continues to perform well into 2017. It’s usage however, has changed from when it first came out. Our clients are all using our signals in different ways, and a lot of that has to do with the versions provided.

  • Low Risk
  • Normal
  • Aggressive

In a lot of the emails I’ve received lately, I’ve found that our customer base is using our signals to compliment other trading systems. Due to the infrequent nature of our low risk version, but it’s amazing accuracy rate of 89%, it’s the perfect tool to match up with any other trading system currently in your arsenal.

What Other Traders Are Using

Our clients are frequent readers of the Binary Today blog, which has released some incredible trading strategies over the last two years. My favorite system right now is Binary IQ, outside of Binary Ascend that is.

Here are a few of the trading systems I’m using most often, right now.

  • Binary Today Trader
  • Binary Today 5
  • Binary IQ

These three tools, together, or just one or two of them in conjunction with the Binary Ascend software, is enough to grow your accounts at a rapid rate. I believe in all of these systems, and I’ll be providing you with my personal reviews, showing my trading results, and long term trading plan as we move toward 2018.

So, thanks for popping in and hearing my introduction. I hope that you picked up a few little nuggets, and are ready for some more amazing content soon.


  1. Hi, how good are the systems that you are recommending?

    • As far as I’m concerned Alvin, these are the only tools worth a damn in binary options.


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