Winning is Everything

Binary Ascend provides winning signals in an easy to use software that is built for any level of binary options trader.

Compatibility is Everything

You can use any broker you want with our software. We won’t make you sign up to our broker, that’s just not right.

Support is Everything

Our support team will answer your questions with lightning speed, don’t believe me? Test us!

First Month Return on Investment


Return on Investment

Make over 30% ROI in your first month taking only 1-2 trades per day.

Money Management

With basic money management increase your gains to 50%+ ROI long term by taking more trades and increasing the size of your trades as you grow.
2014 Return on Investment


2014 Return on Investment

Easy gains with very few trades.
2015 Return on Investment


2015 Projected ROI

Trade more and double your ROI.

46998Ready to go right out of the box the Binary Ascend software is plug and play ready. The system works best providing signals for the EURUSD pair giving traders 30 minute expiry trades 24/5.
46813New market monitoring technology combined with enhanced filtering allows us to use 10 different indicators combined to provide the sharpest possible entries.
35567Utilizing fundamental strategies we provide signals using trend analysis, retracement and more. We provide trades outside of news events when market volatility and volume is low.

globalWith trades coming at all hours our software can be used in any country or time zone. There are always enough signals to make profits on a weekly basis & we are trusted and backed by

  • 2013 Winning Percentage 64%
  • 2014 Winning Percentage 71%
  • 2015 Winning Percentage 75%
  • 2016 Winning Percentage 77%

Average Trades Per Day

Hours Providing Signals Per Day

Different Strategies Utilized


Winning Percentage This Year

Ascend to new levels you never knew were possible.

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Three Versions For Every Level of Trader

Get all three versions of Binary Ascend for no extra charge and with NO UPSELLS.

Low Risk

This is the most accurate version of our software. It is built to be used by any level of trader and is the best plug and play software on the market. This version uses all of our robust filters to ensure you get the highest level of success with a focus on quality over quantity.


The normal version provides more signals and uses less filters but continues to provide high winning percentages. This version is recommended for traders that want more signals and don’t want to do any heavy lifting or in-depth analysis.


The aggressive version provides a high frequency of trades and is an option we provide for our experienced traders. This version is our high risk, high reward. There are many trade signals and it is assumed the trader will be analyzing each signal before they enter the market.

How it works

Receive signals direct to your computer or email address that tell you the exact moment to place the trade, whether to place it as a put or a call and the exact moment to set your expiry.

Receiving Signals

Signals are always easy to understand. You are told EXACTLY what you need to place a trade.

Sound & Popup Alerts

Signals are sent right to your computer via pop up sound alerts so trades are never missed.

E-mail & Phone

Signals can also be sent right to your email so you can access them with your mobile device.

Placing Trades

Once you have the signal you go to your binary options broker and place the trade to the exact specifications we have given it to you.


Tested to work on PC & MAC utilizing the Metatrader4 trading platform.


Now providing free remote connection, ask us to connect to your computer and install Binary Ascend for you.

Multi License

Coming soon
  • Everything Included If you are looking for multiple copies of our software at a discounted rate please contact us and we will discuss your options
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