Frequently Asked Questions

How many signals are provided per day?
There are 14+ signals provided every day in all periods and time zones.
What hours are the signals provided?
Signals are provided all hours of the day. So, 24 hours, 5 days a week. If the market’s open we provide signals.
Does this software only work in specific countries?
Our software works world wide in all countries and timezones.
Can this work on my MAC?
Yes, our software is 100% compatible with MAC and PC.
I've never traded binary before, can this work for me?
Yes, it certainly can. We give you the exact steps, so all you have to do is follow simple instructions.
What do I do after I get a signal?
Yes, it certainly can. We give you the exact steps, so all you have to do is follow simple instructions.
Can you install it for me?
Yes, we can connect remotely to your computer and set it up for you.
What is the refund policy?
There is no refund policy for the binary ascend services.

This software is proven to work and is a long term investment. We are interested in customers who are looking for a real opportunity. Not looking for people trying to get rich overnight.

When do I get the software after I pay?
You will get an email immediately after you pay. This email will provide you with members area access where you can download binary ascend and get started.
Do I have to use your broker?
No, our software is compatible with all MT4 and Binary brokers.
How much does Binary Ascend Cost?
At this point the software is priced at $139.99, subject to change over time.
What assets does this work with?
At this point our main goal is to trade the EURUSD. We have a very specific strategy that is built to dominate this pair.


  • 2013 Winning Percentage 64%
  • 2014 Winning Percentage 71%
  • 2015 Projected Winning Percentage 75%


2014 Return on Investment


2015 Projected ROI

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Multi License

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  • If you are looking for multiple copies of our software at a discounted rate please contact us and we will discuss your options
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